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Build a Village

TEAR’s partners understand their local communities, working at the grass roots to support people to reach their God-given potential. They look at the big picture – working together with communities on a range of activities to address poverty.

Our new “Build a Village” range tells this story of holistic development, and how the pieces of a project come together to bring about overall community transformation.

By purchasing from our Build a Village range you’ll receive a little reminder of your donation – a small building for you to make at home, church or school (and a postcard). Decorate them, set them up and share them with friends and family.

You can buy them individually, or as a complete set.*

* Build a Village mat only available with complete kit.

Gifts which support Community

Help build the capacity of a village. These gifts help to improve the lives of people in a poor community through a range of development activities and programs that will make a difference for generations to come.

TEAR Australia supports work in villages that draws people together and creates opportunities for them to drive their own change. These projects are designed to build on existing strengths and resources to solve community problems.

We see communities as visionaries of their own development, and work with our partners to focus on root causes of poverty rather than superficial challenges.

Gifts which support Education

Give a child or adult the gift of an education. By buying these gifts, you are contributing to education projects run by TEAR partners that give the gift of a brighter, more empowered future. Projects could be for pre-primary and primary school children or for illiterate adults who want to learn the valuable skills of reading, writing and numeracy. Other elements like school packs, teacher training and community engagement are often part of education projects.

At the Sunflower School in Sindh Province, Pakistan, children are given a chance to bloom! This school has been established with the support of TEAR’s partner the Diocese of Hyderabad’s Primary Education Project, in collaboration with the local community and the government. It’s an innovative project that helps rural communities to take action to improve educational access. The project increases access to schools, improves quality through teacher training, provides materials and upgrades facilities.

“Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me.”” Mark 9:37

Gifts which support Food & Livelihoods

Provide people with the opportunity to access good food to feed their families, and potentially create a small business. It may be a vegetable garden kit, livestock like cows, goats or chickens – with training to develop a sustainable business.

By buying these gifts, you are contributing to projects run by TEAR partners that provide people with the opportunity to access good food to feed themselves and their families, and potentially create a small business. Profit made from selling produce can boost a family’s savings or be invested in another small business start-up.

Living with a disability, Phan Khorn is not able to do the heavy manual work men in his village often do. He has had to find alternative ways to earn a living, and through being involved with TEAR’s partner Ponleu Ney Kdey Sangkum (PNKS), has been able to start raising chickens. PNKS helps to support local farmers like Phan Khorn to increase their food supply and ability to make a living through activities like animal husbandry.

“I was hungry and you gave me something to eat.” Matthew 25:35

Gifts which support Good Health

TEAR partners run a range of projects that promote good health. These gifts contribute to projects that improve the health of people living in poor and marginalised communities. It could be the delivery of health services in the form of direct care or medicine and/or health training in areas like midwifery, disabilities, or general health.

We love how this mother is looking at her little baby with such overwhelming joy! Our partner World Concern (Laos) is working to provide life-giving birthing care for mothers just like her by training local women as traditional birth attendants. They care for pregnant women in their community, assist in the safe delivery of babies and offer support and advice after birth.

“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

Gifts which support Safe Water and Sanitation

Give a family or community the gift of safe water. Clean water is an essential for a healthy life. Help provide a household with safe water for drinking, washing and watering vegetables.

These gifts give a family or community the gift of safe water and/or sanitation, and could contribute towards a new borehole or water system, or improved sanitation for a village. Many projects include training to ensure changes are sustainable and long-term.

Don’t forget to wash your hands! The simple act of hand washing can dramatically reduce the spread of disease and improve the health of a community. TEAR’s partner Oasis Mozambique has been teaching women involved in their care groups how to make their own tippy taps from jerry cans, enabling people to wash their hands. The care groups also learn important hygiene, health and nutrition messages, which they share with their communities.

“I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink.” Matthew 25:35


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