Gifts which support Food & Livelihoods

Provide people with the opportunity to access good food to feed their families, and potentially create a small business. It may be a vegetable garden kit, livestock like cows, goats or chickens – with training to develop a sustainable business.

By buying these gifts, you are contributing to projects run by Tearfund partners that provide people with the opportunity to access good food to feed themselves and their families, and potentially create a small business. Profit made from selling produce can boost a family’s savings or be invested in another small business start-up.

Living with a disability, Phan Khorn is not able to do the heavy manual work men in his village often do. He has had to find alternative ways to earn a living, and through being involved with Tearfund’s partner Ponleu Ney Kdey Sangkum (PNKS), has been able to start raising chickens. PNKS helps to support local farmers like Phan Khorn to increase their food supply and ability to make a living through activities like animal husbandry.

“I was hungry and you gave me something to eat.” Matthew 25:35

Gifts which support Food & Livelihoods}

Gifts which support Food & Livelihoods

With this gift, you’ll help our partners provide training and supplies for a family to raise chickens, providing them with nutritious eggs to eat and a source of income too. By purchasing this gift, you are supporting food and livelihoods...

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Help set a family up for gardening success! With training, seeds and the right tools, a family can get thriving vegie patches going, providing them with healthy food to eat and share. Your purchase of this gift empowers Tearfund’s partners’...

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Good Food


Food insecurity is on the rise globally, and it has so many impacts on people’s health and overall wellbeing. This gift empowers farmers with training, resources and support so that they can grow nutritious food for themselves and their communities....

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A gift of a goat will empower a family with a new source of nutrition and income! As well as providing milk and manure fertiliser, goats can be bred and passed on to other families, sharing the benefits throughout the...

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