How it Works

Choose a gift, send a card, fight poverty!

Every item in TEAR's Gift Catalogue represents a contribution to a long-term poverty-fighting project run by one of TEAR Australia's Christian partners. Each project is tailored to that community's needs, helping people gain the skills and resources they need to address local problems and come up with sustainable solutions.

What you receive

For each gift you purchase, you can select either:

  • a traditional printed greeting card,
  • a card to download and print (pdf), or
  • no card (just a tax-deductible receipt).

You can also purchase gift vouchers of varying value which can be used for any gift.

Traditional cards

Our printed cards feature the photo and name of the gift plus space inside for you to write a personal message. On the back of the card is a short description of TEAR's work, a description of the item you've purchased as it appears on-line (except for the price) and a caption for the photo. All cards are produced according to the ISO 14001 standard - a formal international certification of environmental management systems, covering planning, environmental performance evaluation and auditing.

Print your own

If you want a traditional printed card but you're in a hurry, you can choose to print your own. This option provides you with a pdf designed for printing on A4 paper. The inside of the card is blank for you to hand-write your message.

Gift Vouchers

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a Gift Voucher.

Gift vouchers are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift vouchers have no additional processing fees.

All Gifts

Gifts for Every Occasion

Celebrate moments in the lives of those around you by giving a Really Useful Gift. Featuring beautiful images from TEAR’s partners around the world, each gift supports our ongoing work in communities facing poverty and marginalisation.

Each card is blank, so you can write your own message inside. The blurb on the back of the card tells you a little of the story of each image.

Gifts which support Community

Help build the capacity of a village. These gifts help to improve the lives of people in a poor community through a range of development activities and programs that will make a difference for generations to come.

At TEAR, we are committed to walking humbly alongside communities facing poverty to support them in achieving their own development goals.

We see communities as visionaries of their own development, and work with our partners to focus on root causes of poverty rather than superficial challenges.

Photo: Stephen Gunaratnam, TEAR Ambassador.

Gifts which support Education

Give a child or adult the gift of an education. By buying these gifts, you are contributing to education projects run by TEAR partners that give the gift of a brighter, more empowered future. Projects could be for pre-primary and primary school children or for illiterate adults who want to learn the valuable skills of reading, writing and numeracy. Other elements like school packs, teacher training and community engagement are often part of education projects.


Gifts which support Food and Livelihoods

Provide people with the opportunity to access good food to feed their families, and potentially create a small business. It may be a vegetable garden kit, livestock like cows, goats or chickens – with training to develop a sustainable business.

By buying these gifts, you are contributing to projects run by TEAR partners that provide people with the opportunity to access good food to feed themselves and their families, and potentially create a small business. Profit made from selling produce can boost a family’s savings or be invested in another small business start-up.

Photo: Bruce and Connie Millott

“In Scripture we read: ‘I was hungry and you gave me food’. For many years we have felt moved to buy gifts like goats and vegetable gardens from TEAR’s Useful Gifts Catalogue and provide those in need with the opportunity to access good food for their families.” 

Gifts which support Good Health

TEAR partners run a range of projects that promote good health. These gifts contribute to projects that improve the health of people living in poor and marginalised communities. It could be the delivery of health services in the form of direct care or medicine and/or health training in areas like midwifery, disabilities, or general health.

“Healthcare in communities saves lives, from unborn babies to adults supporting their families. I run a Useful Gifts Shop with my younger sister at my church as a way of making a difference, working for justice and seeking the Kingdom of God.” - Rebecca, TEAR Supporter

Gifts which support Safe Water and Sanitation

Give a family or community the gift of safe water. Clean water is an essential for a healthy life. Help provide a household with safe water for drinking, washing and watering vegetables.

These gifts give a family or community the gift of safe water and/or sanitation, and could contribute towards a new borehole or water system, or improved sanitation for a village. Many projects include training to ensure changes are sustainable and long-term.