Gifts which support Community

Help build the capacity of a village. These gifts help to improve the lives of people in a poor community through a range of development activities and programs that will make a difference for generations to come.

Tearfund Australia supports work in villages that draws people together and creates opportunities for them to drive their own change. These projects are designed to build on existing strengths and resources to solve community problems.

We see communities as visionaries of their own development, and work with our partners to focus on root causes of poverty rather than superficial challenges.

Gifts which support Community}

Gifts which support Community

Poverty can compound challenges for people living with disabilities. Support from people around them can make a huge difference. This gift supports people living with disabilities, and their loved ones, to enjoy meaningful opportunities, restored relationships and avenues to contribute...

View: Disability Access

Lasting transformation happens when women are supported, connected and empowered. This gift impacts individual women, their families and communities through Self-Help Groups, training and income-generation activities. The work of Tearfund’s partner Share and Care Nepal includes a strong focus on...

View: Women's Empowerment

Without a stable source of income, families can struggle under the burden of poverty. Give a gift that helps secure a livelihood and improve social participation! Sometimes we need a helping hand to make a new start. For mother-of-two Narjaha,...

View: Business Kick-Starter

Help bring joyful transformation to an entire community! The gift of a Village Package directly contributes to a community supported by one of Tearfund’s Christian partners, helping to fund a range of development activities. Help bring joyful transformation to an...

View: Village Package

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