Gifts are tax-deductible
Each purchase of a Useful Gift is a tax-deductible donation.
Long-term effectiveness
Tearfund in Australia was founded in 1971. We have a long track-record of good development that has lasting benefits.
Audited and accredited
Tearfund is fully accredited by the Australian Government, audited by registered company auditors, and a signatory to the ACFID Code of Conduct.
Supporting local partners
Since 1971, Tearfund has supported the grassroots development initiatives of hundreds of local partners.

Village Package

Village Package



Help a community transform their village. This gift helps to improve the lives of people in a community facing the challenge of poverty. It does this through a range of development activities and programs that will make a difference for generations to come.

How your gift helps

Help bring joyful transformation to an entire community! The gift of a Village Package directly contributes to a community supported by one of Tearfund’s Christian partners, helping to fund a range of development activities like:

  • Self-Help Groups centred on literacy, savings schemes and livelihood skills
  • Safe water and sanitation projects as well as hygiene education
  • Sustainable agricultural training
  • Gender and human rights training for men and women

When you give the gift of a Village Package, you’ll receive a certificate and project outline, detailing the village and project where your support is making a difference for people facing the challenges of poverty.

Note: Instead of a gift card, you'll receive an information booklet as well as a follow-up report.


All printed cards and envelopes use PEFC certified paper and are produced according to ISO 14001 environmental standards.


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