Gifts which support Education

Give a child or adult the gift of an education. By buying these gifts, you are contributing to education projects run by Tearfund partners that give the gift of a brighter, more empowered future. Projects could be for pre-primary and primary school children or for illiterate adults who want to learn the valuable skills of reading, writing and numeracy. Other elements like school packs, teacher training and community engagement are often part of education projects.

At the Sunflower School in Sindh Province, Pakistan, children are given a chance to bloom! This school has been established with the support of Tearfund’s partner the Diocese of Hyderabad’s Primary Education Project, in collaboration with the local community and the government. It’s an innovative project that helps rural communities to take action to improve educational access. The project increases access to schools, improves quality through teacher training, provides materials and upgrades facilities.

“Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me.”” Mark 9:37

Gifts which support Education}

Gifts which support Education

The gift of early learning supports children from marginalised backgrounds who struggle in school without solid foundations for learning. Pre-school helps young kids prepare to thrive, and this gift provides opportunities to socialise, build confidence and start learning. When you...

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Without sufficient resources and training, teachers can struggle to nurture their students. With this gift, you’ll help empower a teacher with training and support so that they can unlock the potential of their students and create confident communities. This Useful...

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Many adults facing poverty never have the chance to complete their schooling. This gift helps adults access rights, build confidence and enjoy new possibilities through literacy skills and learning opportunities. By purchasing this gift, you are supporting education projects run...

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Accessing education can be a huge challenge when students face barriers such as living in remote communities, conflict and lack of resources. This gift helps create brighter futures for students in difficult contexts through access to schooling. This Useful Gift...

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