Gifts which support Safe Water and Sanitation

Give a family or community the gift of safe water. Clean water is an essential for a healthy life. Help provide a household with safe water for drinking, washing and watering vegetables.

These gifts give a family or community the gift of safe water and/or sanitation, and could contribute towards a new borehole or water system, or improved sanitation for a village. Many projects include training to ensure changes are sustainable and long-term.

Don’t forget to wash your hands! The simple act of hand washing can dramatically reduce the spread of disease and improve the health of a community. Tearfund’s partner Oasis Mozambique has been teaching women involved in their care groups how to make their own tippy taps from jerry cans, enabling people to wash their hands. The care groups also learn important hygiene, health and nutrition messages, which they share with their communities.

“I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink.” Matthew 25:35

Gifts which support Safe Water and Sanitation}

Gifts which support Safe Water and Sanitation

Clean, safe water is essential for a healthy life, but more than two billion people lack safe water at home. This gift helps people access life-giving clean water and reduce preventable diseases. By purchasing this gift, you are supporting water...

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Not only do toilets improve hygiene, they also provide safety, dignity and better health outcomes for everyone. Whether a school toilet block or a household latrine, this gift helps lead to healthier, empowered communities. Choosing this gift means you’re contributing...

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Give the gift of clean, safe water for a whole community! When a reliable source of water isn’t available, health and livelihoods are held back. A safe and sustainable source of water, and the training and resources to maintain it,...

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