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TEAR Australia was founded in 1971. We have a long track-record of good development that has lasting benefits.
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TEAR's Projects in India

TEAR's Projects in India


With a population tipped to be the largest in the world within the next decade, India is one of the world’s most populous and complex nations. It is also home to one-third of the world’s extreme poor (those living on less than US$1.25 a day). While the Indian economy has grown at a staggering rate over the last two decades, this growth hasn’t reached everyone. In many parts of India people continue to live in extreme poverty, unable to meet their basic needs or to escape the burdens of debt, poverty, or even their caste – limiting what they can achieve. 

Over the last four decades, TEAR Australia has been partnering with local Christian agencies such as EFICOR (The Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief) to serve India’s most poor and marginalised communities, helping them to discover more of their God-given potential and to address the root causes of poverty and injustice.

Whether it’s supporting a Women’s Community Group to generate sustainable sources of income, or teaching an adult to read and write, your gifts to TEAR’s projects in India are helping to create long-lasting change and bring hope to some of the most marginalised communities.

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What you receive
  • Choose from a Could provide training, seeds and equipment to sustainably grow food for nutrition and income, Could provide a 6 month adult literacy class to a community member, opening up the opportunity for a brighter future, Could help run a first aid and disaster response class to young adults in a local village, Could help establish a demonstration garden for communities to trial new farming techniques (Chitrakoot), or Could help establish a “high raised tube wells” in communities at risk of natural disaster.
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