The Blessing of Safe Water

Can you imagine walking 2 hours a day to collect your daily water? That was Kamasing from Nepal's reality until not long ago.

Hear how things have changed.

Give a gift that helps provide safe water and sanitation education in marginalised communities. 

Water & Sanitation gifts help support Tearfund's partners' work with communities to improve hygiene and health practices, in order to reduce the spread of disease and help local people to enjoy good health. 

Gift of Safe Water $25 - Clean safe water is essential for a healthy life, but more than two billion people lack safe water at home. This gift helps people access life-giving clean water and reduce preventable diseases. 

Gift of Hand Washing for Health $35 - Disease can spread easily when basic hygiene supplies are lacking, but simple measures like effective hand washing can stop the spread of disease and keep people safe and healthy. 

Gift of Toilet $70 - Not only do toilets improve hygiene, they also provide safety, dignity and better health outcomes for everyone. Whether a school toilet block or a household latrine, this gift helps lead to healthier, empowered communities.

Gift of Well $1,900 When a reliable source of water isn’t available, health and livelihoods are held back. A safe and sustainable source of water, and the training and resources to maintain it, can make all the difference for an entire village.

About Tearfund's Useful Gifts

Every item in Tearfund's Gift Catalogue makes a real difference: for the giver, the receiver, and most of all, for the people represented in the story behind each item. Rather than creating waste, these gifts bring life. With Useful Gifts, you can give towards a better world for all.

For nearly three decades, Tearfund's Useful Gifts have made real change possible for people facing the daily challenges of poverty and injustice in some of the world's hardest places.

Through Useful Gifts, you can further the work of our courageous Christian partners as they demonstrate God's love in 19 countries around the world. Gift shared in love become gifts that grow hope, harvest change and transform the world.


My name is Kamasing Tamil. I’m 54 years old and live here in Lecu VDC. Not too long ago, we didn't have access to clean water and had to walk over an hour to collect it.

Now, thanks to Tearfund’s Australia partner, Share and Care, water is much closer. They helped us establish a village development committee and to install a fresh water drinking system. They provided engineers, cement and steel materials while also using sand and labour from our local community. They also told me how to maintain the system and how to make sure it’s working. 

Our hope for tomorrow is to pass on what we have learned so that many more people may have this blessing

The Blessing of Safe Water

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