The Gift of a Goat

Vishna's a mum of two from Nepal who was illiterate and struggling to feed her children. Now, she's trained as a goat farmer, is part of a supportive womens group and is finding hope - thanks to Tearfund's partner Share and Care. Hear more about her story in this video. 

You can also buy the gift of a goat.

A gift of goat will empower a family with a new source of nutrition and income! As well as providing milk and manure fertiliser, goat can be bred and passed on to other families, sharing the benefits throughout the community. 

About Tearfund's Useful Gifts

Every item in Tearfund's Gift Catalogue makes a real difference: for the giver, the receiver, and most of all, for the people represented in the story behind each item. Rather than creating waste, these gifts bring life. With Useful Gifts, you can give towards a better world for all. 

For nearly three decades, Tearfund's Useful Gifts have made real change possible for people facing the daily challenges of poverty and injustice in some of the world's hardest places. 

Through Useful Gifts, you can further the work of our courageous Christian partners as they demonstrate God's love in 19 countries around the world. Gift shared in love become gifts that grow hope, harvest change and transform the world. 


My name is Vishnu Maya Tamin. I have two girls and live here and Olivia in Markaly Village.

Before Tearfund's partner, Share and Care came into our community, we had many problems. I personally was unable to read or write and struggled to get financial help to support my farm. My neighbor invited me to attend the women's group, and at first I couldn't attend. I needed to care for my family and found it hard to meet with the group.

Instead, she passed in what she had learned in her own time. She taught me how to better care for my girls. Now, I can read and ride and have borrowed money to grow my farm. With one of the loans, I purchased a he and she goat, and now we have eleven goats in total. This enables me to pay off the loan and increase my income.

I want to say a big thank you for the increased knowledge and life Share and Care has provided. My hope for tomorrow is for my children to have a good education and for me to pass on what I have learned. 

The Gift of a Goat

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