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Community School Class

Community School Class



Contribute to the cost of a class in a community school! In some communities, getting access to education is a huge challenge. There may be limited teaching materials, a lack of qualified teachers, or the nearest school may be far away. Help fund projects that enable more children in their community to get an education.

How your gift helps

At the Sunflower School in Sindh Province, Pakistan, children are given a chance to bloom! They are holding pictures of their favourite letters – each one has a story attached to it that helps them remember its sound and shape. It’s just one of the fun and creative methods of learning that helps keep kids engaged and eager to learn. Students also enjoy games and songs, and learn about practical life skills like saving money and starting small businesses.

This school has been established with the support of TEAR’s partner the Diocese of Hyderabad’s Primary Education Project, in collaboration with the local community and the government. It’s an innovative project that helps rural communities to take action to improve educational access in Pakistan. Many children, especially girls, drop out of primary school early or don’t even enrol in school for a variety of reasons including distance, cost and cultural traditions.

The Primary Education Project (PEP) aims to address these issues by increasing access to schools, improving quality through teacher training, providing materials and upgrading facilities. It also forms women’s empowerment groups that help promote the importance of children’s education, with a special focus on keeping girls in school as long as possible.

One mother, who is also member of a Women’s Empowerment Group, said she was very happy that her three children (part of the class pictured) are getting an education at the Sunflower School. The women in her group agree that there have been many positive changes with the children. They say children are doing homework, keeping their hands and faces clean, learning through role plays and growing in confidence.

About our partner

The Church of Pakistan, Diocese of Hyderabad runs the Primary Education Project which currently has 77 community-established and managed schools, working to meet some of the needs of marginalised communities in rural Sindh.

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