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Community School Class

Community School Class



Keeping kids in school. Contribute to the cost of a class in a community school to help more children go further in their education and work towards their full potential.

“We now have good quality education. We have an excellent teacher, who teaches us well, and so we have confidence to present in front of others.” Kaku (pictured), from Sindh province, Pakistan.

How your gift helps

Educational access is a major challenge in Pakistan. Due to distance, cost and cultural barriers, many children (especially girls like Kaku, pictured) don’t even enrol in school and one quarter drop out before completing primary education.

Despite these barriers, Kaku’s community, together with the support of TEAR’s partner the Diocese of Hyderabad and the government, are working together to establish community schools, creating a brighter future for their children.

Prior to 2005, only ten boys of all the eligible primary school-age children in this rural village in Sindh province were attending school and most were already working. No girls were attending. The village head explains: “Before, the nearest government school was in an isolated area, 3-4 km each way, we couldn’t possibly have sent our girls there, they were small, it would have been dangerous for them.”

This community school has been a truly collaborative effort. The Primary Education Project (PEP) provides teacher training and materials, facilities upgrades and training in community management of the schools. It also forms women’s empowerment groups who help promote education. The government provides registration, curriculum, textbooks, and has an ongoing role in monitoring quality.

The contribution of the community is significant and has been sacrificial and sustained over years. They provided a simple shelter and re-built it several times due to flooding, identified a suitable teacher, and through their involvement in school management committees have active responsibility for maintenance and financial sustainability of the school. They are at the forefront of their own development.

There have been many changes in the community as a result. The biggest one is the number of girls in school: from zero to a third of the class. Kaku, the granddaughter of the village chief, speaks up with a big smile: “We now have good quality education. We have an excellent teacher, who teaches us well, and so we have confidence to present in front of others.”

Your gift of a Community School Class is contributing to projects like this one and making a difference in the lives of those facing poverty and marginalisation.

About our partner

The Church of Pakistan, Diocese of Hyderabad runs the Primary Education Project which currently has 77 community established and managed schools, working to meet some of the needs of marginalised communities in rural Sindh.

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