Climate change will affect us all, but it is people living in the world’s poorest communities who are being hardest hit, despite contributing least to the problem and being the least resourced to adapt. It’s a global crisis that calls for global action.

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The urgent challenge

Climate change could push an additional 132 million people into poverty by 2030, according to a report from the World Bank.1

“The deepening climate crisis has started to reverse progress in reducing poverty, putting more people at risk of poverty and hunger as well as threatening to displace millions from their homes.”

Impact on the communities we work with

Northern India

The rains are less predictable and crops are failing.


Lower rice yields and the loss of farm animals devastate communities, forcing parents to leave their homes in search of work, leaving children poorly supervised.

Central Nepal

Pokhari village has seen water supplies dwindle over 30 years due to recurring droughts and changing rainfall patterns.

Southern Africa

Cyclone Idai struck Beira, Mozambique in 2019. Southern Africa faces an increased risk of such disasters due to climate change.

Our partners’ commitment

Tearfund’s partners are working with vulnerable communities in a range of ways as they build resilience to a changing climate, including training farmers in sustainable agriculture techniques, and equipping them with seeds, tools and resources.

Mr Kalicharan


Meet Mr Kalicharan who participated in various training programs on climate change adaptation through EFICOR, one of Tearfund's partners in India, and received a plantation of fruit saplings for his plot.

“The training [on climate change] was eye-opener for us,” he said.



Meet Maker who is part of a Farmers’ Group supported by our partner ACROSS in South Sudan.

By learning new skills like crop spacing and post-harvest handling, farmers like Maker are getting more yields from their harvest so they can feed their families and earn an income.

Your opportunity to make a difference

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  • enable Tearfund’s climate justice advocacy work with the church in Australia.

Project countries:

Your generosity will help our partners working in these countries: South Sudan, Sudan, Cambodia, Zambia, India, Uganda, Nepal, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

Your gift of $35 can help communities combat climate change. It will truly make a difference. Thank you for your generosity.

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