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Moo-ving on up! A heifer is a young cow that will grow up into a source of milk, cheese, fertiliser and ploughing power. Cows can also be bred and either passed on to other community members or sold for a profit. This gift contributes to projects which help people raise cows, and may include providing cows as well as training on how to look after them and breed them.

How your gift helps

This little boy is the son of Aisha Khalid, a widow from Afghanistan. When her husband died from tuberculosis, she was left with three young children. During her husband's illness, the family had accumulated many debts. Aisha was able to make a small amount of income by helping her brother harvest wheat and corn in his field, but it was barely enough to get by and cover the money she owed.

Aisha became part of a project run by TEAR's partner SERVE, which identifies vulnerable families in the community and provides them with a heifer (or in some cases, a goat), as well as training in milk processing, cheese making and marketing skills. They can provide milk and cheese for their families and sell the excess to make an income. She received one cow, which had a calf. In time, she was able to breed more, selling two bulls and a heifer and managed to repay her debts. She also used a little amount for building a house and is able to send her children to school. Aisha says she is happy with her animals and is now helping others in the community. "I am helping other widows by giving them yoghurt, milk, buttermilk and cheese. I am very happy with the project's work, which gave me a chance to support my family and myself."

Enabling vulnerable families to gain access to heifers and goats is only one part of SERVE's work. It also implements activities like adult literacy courses and community Self-Help Groups, which meet together and access training in health, gender equity, advocacy and how to care for the environment.

Your gift of a heifer is contributing to projects like this one and making a difference in the lives of those facing poverty and marginalisation.

About our partner

SERVE's guiding principle is the Afghan proverb, "Qatara qatara, darya mesha!" ("Drop by drop, a river is made.") In a context of civil war, political and economic instability, TEAR’s partner seeks to serve the people of Afghanistan, particularly the most marginalised. Their work focuses on community development, education and vocational training for Afghans with disabilities, and public health/nutrition education.


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