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Classroom Teacher

Classroom Teacher




Inspired learning. This gift provides support and training for teachers to help them inspire the next generation. Better quality teaching often means kids are more engaged and stay in school longer.

How your gift helps

Do you remember your favourite teacher? Great teachers engage kids with learning and encourage them to reach their full potential.

TEAR’s partner Across is working with teachers to equip them with skills and help them be the best they can - just like that favourite teacher you had at school!

Gabriel is an enthusiastic Year 7 teacher at Adol Primary School in Rumbek East County, Lakes State, South Sudan. He teaches a class of 35 students and is interested in science.

The hours are often long and the pay is not substantial (around A$30 per month), but Gabriel is passionate about education in his community.

He has benefited from teacher training provided by TEAR’s partner Across, who are working to upgrade the skills of primary school teachers in South Sudan.

Only half of the teachers in Lakes State have a primary school-level education, and 90% of teachers don’t have a teaching qualification recognised by the government. Teacher training provides a valuable resource for teachers by supporting them in their role and giving them strategies to use in the classroom. Across teaches them learning approaches, general teaching methods and techniques, and methods to teach core subjects. This helps them to improve their classroom teaching and management. It also helps them to create a good learning environment for boys and girls. Across staff also do follow-up visits to teachers and continue to give them school-based support.

Across works with around 37 local primary schools in Rumbek East, providing training for primary and pre-school teachers, school committees and school mothers. It also provides training for school principals to support them and provide extra skills in school management.

Your gift of a Classroom Teacher is contributing to projects like this one and making a difference in the lives of those facing poverty and marginalisation.

About our partner

Across, our partner of over 30 years, is an interdenominational Christian organisation formed in 1972. It works in South Sudan in partnerships with local churches to strengthen communities and improve education and health.


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