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Maternal and Child Health

Maternal and Child Health



The birth of a baby is a precious and exciting time, but for many women around the world it is also a time of risk and uncertainty. This gift helps to support women through pregnancy and childbirth and give their babies a safer start to life through training local women as birth attendants and providing birthing kits.

How your gift helps

Panawan (pictured) is a doting and dedicated mother to her 11-month-old daughter. Being parents is an especially precious role for Panawan and her husband, who have previously lost four boys in infancy. Sadly, losing children at birth is not uncommon for families in rural southern Laos, due to a lack of basic knowledge and safe birthing environment. But Panawan is determined to raise a thriving and healthy little girl – and support others in her community to improve their health and that of their children.

Thankfully, through the support of TEAR’s partner World Concern Laos, mums like Panawan are learning life-giving skills by being trained as Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs). As a result, more and more women in the community – and their babies – are having a safer birthing experience. TBAs provide antenatal care for pregnant women in their community, link them with the local health clinic and midwife for immunisation and periodic checks, help to deliver babies and offer support and advice after birth on issues like breastfeeding.

Traditional Birth Attendants also share messages with others in their community about safe pregnancy and birth. Simple strategies like ensuring a clean birth space, or thorough washing of both mother and attendant before and after giving birth, can reduce the risk of infection for mother and baby.

World Concern also provides TBAs with a birthing 'kit' with useful items for delivery, including a clean razor blade to cut the umbilical cord, and soap for washing. TBAs, who usually work in pairs, are called in early labour, and then stay in or around the family home until the birth, so that they may detect signs or symptoms that indicate the need to refer mothers to the health clinic or hospital for further delivery care.

About our partner

World Concern (Laos) is a Christian development organisation that works with people facing extreme poverty to provide hope and opportunity. Its projects in Laos mostly focus on some of the country's poorest and most isolated rural tribal communities, where skilled health care is either non-existent or extremely challenging to reach.

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