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Household Electricity

Household Electricity




Shining a light. This gift contributes to the provision of micro-hydro generators supplying electricity to households. A single generator can often provide power to as many as 100 homes. For communities, this makes a positive difference in many ways - a more reliable energy source means longer productive hours or kids being able to do their homework in the evenings.

How your gift helps

For many of us, flicking a switch and having access to electricity any time of the day or night is a luxury we take for granted. But in rural Afghanistan, it's a rare commodity. A project by International Assistance Mission (IAM), one of TEAR's partners in Afghanistan, is bringing power to remote areas of Afghanistan, and along with it improved productivity and better quality of life for people.

The project has been running for several years, building micro-hydropower plants in villages, as well as training up village electricians and local people in how to build components. Afghan national engineers have also been trained and are now able to install power plants with minimal supervision.

Having electricity benefits not only individual families, but also communities as a whole, as it enables the development of livelihoods and other improvements. Electric lighting improves security at night and broadens educational opportunities, as it makes reading and studying during evening hours possible. It also has health benefits, as people don‰۪t have to use oil lamps any more. They also save money by not having to purchase fuel for lighting.

The completion of a community project like a micro-hydropower plant gives a great sense of achievement for a village. As they are so involved with the construction of the plant, the villagers have strong ownership of it, which helps promote ongoing maintenance and further progress.

An encouraging story of change came from one of the villages, which now has electricity. Here, women used to spin wool with spinning wheels but could not produce a lot because during the days they were busy with household work and looking after children. The only time they could work was in the evenings, but they only had very poor light from oil lamps. Now, since they have electric lights, six women are spinning wool during the evening hours and are able to produce one or one and a half kilograms of wool every evening which they can sell at the local bazaar for extra income, helping them to provide extra support for their family.

About our partner

International Assistance Mission (IAM) is an international organisation serving the people of Afghanistan that runs long-term sustainable development projects in the areas of eye care, mental and general health, education and economic development. They began work in Afghanistan in 1966 and are the longest continually serving NGO in the country.


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