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Village Package $5000 Fundraiser

By Lynda Ward

Village Package $5000 Fundraiser

Jenni's 50th Useful Gifts Registry

By Jenni Labrum

I've set up this registry for my 50th birthday celebrations, as I would love you to bless me by blessing the poorest of the world's poor. I am very thankful that I live in a country where my needs are bountifully supplied. Therefore, if you want to give me a birthday gift, please use this Useful Gifts Registry to purchase what I desire most & send me the associated card.


By Greg Letch

Yep turning 60.Time to get on my Bike, Ride to Geraldton & Raise Money for TEAR AUSTRALIA. My goal is THE VILLAGE PACKAGE - $5000. This will impact many lives. I need you to come along for the ride by donating whatever amount you can. Bunny from BB Cycles is on board so the $5000 is reachable. Anything over will go to TEARS Indigenous Programme’s in Australia. Thanks heaps.


By Liam Rippingale

This page is about raising funds and awareness for people without access to clean toilets or latrines. My brother and I first came up with this idea through trying to encourage the acceptance of toilet humour. From there we realised that toilet humour isn’t a laughing matter for everyone. We decided to do something about this.

The Singles Wedding

By Emily Matthews

Thank you so much for your contribution! This means a lot to us.

UG Gift Shop- BeYOUtiful Creations

By Christy Arnold-Milston

Fundraising for TEAR

Westcity Church

By Michelle Bishop

West City Church is a TEAR partner and one of the ways that we support TEAR, is through the useful gifts catalogue. The useful gifts catalogue is great for presents at any time of the year, particularly for Christmas and Birthday presents.

Gifts of Hope

By Renae Holyoak

Welcome to my online useful gifts shop - Gifts of Hope. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary or Christmas present - why not choose a gift that gives back! These gifts help the world's vulnerable - as well as their local community - and show them that there's people out there who care about them. Give a gift that gives love, kindness, joy and hope to others.

mvyouth Community Fundraiser

By Daina Cunningham

MVYouth are being encouraged to raise financial support for TEAR through doing small chores for friends and family members. Through these tasks, the youth will learn what it means to work diligently, serving God through their services to others and increase their awareness of the people and world around them.

Tiff’s 21st

By Tiffany Shih

Hi friends! Instead of a present, I would love if you could support me in raising money for TEAR Australia. TEAR runs community-based projects across Africa, Asia and the Pacific, with the vision of ending poverty. Together with local partners, TEAR is empowering people to grow their own food/earn a living, access clean water and achieve basic literacy.

Useful Gifts (Rob Elder)

By Rob Elder

A simple way to sell 'Useful Gifts' online

Steph's turning 40!

By Stephanie Cantrill

Reaching another milestone gives me a chance to reflect, once again, on what really matters in life. Getting presents and accumulating stuff for the sake of it doesn't really feel like it's hitting the mark. I'm choosing instead to raising money for TEAR's First People's program, working towards reconciliation and healing, and a more just and equitable society for everyone.

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