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Liz Fyfe MAD project

By Elizabeth Fyfe

raising money for TEAR because I believe they do awesome work

Jeanne's '50 by 50'

By Jeanne Ong

I ran my 50th marathon 2 days after I turned 50! God has been the heart of my marathons and I thought it meaningful to support Tearfund for 50 years of their amazing work with the world’s most vulnerable communities. If you would like to celebrate with me, please purchase a Useful Gift. Jeanne x

Bek & Friends online useful gifts shop

By Rebekah Wong

Hello friends, thank you for visiting this page. This year I decided to help raise money towards a worthy cause. I love shopping and buying gifts (mostly for myself, family & friends) and thought what if for a change, I bought these useful gifts instead? Gifts are tax deductible. Please get behind this and happy shopping!!! Lots of love, bek xoxo

Pacific Giants Row

By Heather Taylor

In 2021, Heather will be rowing from Monterey, California to Hilo, Hawaii across the Pacific Ocean unsupported to raise $250,000 for individuals and communities facing poverty through the work of Tear Australia. Driven by the belief that everyone can do something about injustice in the world, Heather will battle 40+ foot waves, storm force winds, and tackle 3900 km of ocean.


By Christy Destradi

COVID-19 pandemic could push up to 86 million more children into household poverty to a total of 672 million by the end of 2020 (Ref. analysis by Save the Children and UNICEF). Children are highly vulnerable to even short periods of malnutrition - potentially affecting them for their whole life. Join us to make an impact to the lives of children facing poverty.

Caz's Christmas Useful Gifts Shop

By Caroline Illingworth

Hi friends. Together let's bring joy to the world at a time when our world needs it most! Buy a gift card + donations go directly to life-giving projects like safe water, farming + health care. 1) Choose your gift/s 2) Select the option "no card" + I can deliver to you (message me to let me know) OR select another option and card will be emailed or mailed to you. Caz x

Katrina's TearFund Useful Gift Shop

By Katrina Ward

When you buy a Tearfund Useful Gift you join me to fight the root causes of poverty in the lives of the most marginalised people in the world. I hope you enjoy the Useful Gifts Catalogue and that you are inspired with the idea that giving usefully is what the world needs.

Kelly & Joel's Wedding

By Kelly Smith

Instead of gifts for us, give a gift to people who need it the most! Thank you for being so generous.

Christmas Where It Is Needed Most


This page is hope. Helping others reach their potential and love life to it's fullest.

Dundas Telopea Anglican Church

By Lynne Connelly

When you buy a gift from the Useful Gifts Catalogue, you’re helping to fight poverty and build a more just and compassionate world.

North Ringwood Uniting Church

By Rosemary U'Ren

An on-line shop for all of NRUC and friends where you can buy TearFund's really useful gifts this Christmas. We can support the work of TearFund in communities in need by purchasing a Useful Gift to give to your family members, friends, teachers, work colleagues. Cards can be purchased in printed form or as a pdf download. Printed cards will posted to you directly.

Lee's TearFund UsefulGifts donation page

By Lee Scott

Give gifts that are meaningful to the recipient and also give ongoing health, education or income.

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