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Our Family's Gifts

By Our Family's Gifts

People using creativity to support this cause.

Blackwood Hills Baptist Useful Gift Shop

By Blackwood Hills Baptist Church

By purchasing a gift at our Online gift shop this Christmas you will be making a contribution to Tearfund's work to fight poverty and marginalisation. Cards will still be available for purchase from the church after each Sunday morning and evening service in December.

Ross and Lyn Farley 50th Anniversary

By No.

50th wedding anniversary.

Useful Gifts Shop (Paddington)

By St Georges Anglican Church, Paddington

Buy a Useful Gift and help create new opportunities for health, education, safe water, food and strengthened communities. Tearfund works in partnership with local Christian agencies to end poverty, challenge inequality and build sustainable communities, overseas and in Australia.

Matt & Rachel's Wedding

By Rachel Harris

This season of our lives has been an opportunity to reflect on what we are grateful for and what is important to us. That's why instead of a traditional wedding gift, we would love for you to give generously to the work of Tearfund.

Kelly & Joel's Wedding

By Kelly Smith

Instead of gifts for us, give a gift to people who need it the most! Thank you for being so generous.

Reservoir Presbyterian Useful Gift Shop

By Reservoir Presbyterian Church

Useful Christmas Gifts! Give a gift that someone actually needs! By purchasing a ‘useful gift’ you receive a card to pass on to your loved ones, whilst the money goes towards supporting those most in need to overcome poverty and injustice.

Christmas Where It Is Needed Most


This page is hope. Helping others reach their potential and love life to it's fullest.

Dundas Telopea Anglican Church

By Lynne Connelly

When you buy a gift from the Useful Gifts Catalogue, you’re helping to fight poverty and build a more just and compassionate world.

TCBC Useful Gift Shop

By Thornleigh Community Baptist Church

Thornleigh Community Baptist Church Useful Gift Shop. Useful Gifts is the original way to buy a goat and other poverty-fighting gifts

Caz's Christmas Useful Gifts Shop

By Caroline Illingworth

Hi friends. Together let's bring joy to the world at a time when our world needs it most! Buy a gift card + donations go directly to life-giving projects like safe water, farming + health care. 1) Choose your gift/s 2) Select the option "no card" + I can deliver to you (message me to let me know) OR select another option and card will be emailed or mailed to you. Caz x

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