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South Asia Flood Response

By TEAR Australia

TEAR Australia is urgently raising $75,000 to help our partners respond to severe flooding throughout South Asia. Heavy monsoon rains across Nepal, Bangladesh and the north of India have created widespread flooding, leaving people homeless, and causing major loss of livestock and household assets.

Turramurra Uniting Useful Gifts Shop

By Peter Baily

Struggling with your Christmas shopping? Why not purchase a Useful Gift and make a contribution to a long-term poverty-fighting project run by one of TEAR Australia's Christian partners. Each project is tailored to that community's needs, helping people gain the skills and resources they need to address local problems.

St Jude's Online Really Useful Gift Shop

By St Jude's Carlton

An online shop for all of St Jude's to use to buy really useful gifts...all year around.

Pacific Giants Row

By Heather Taylor

In 2021, Heather will be rowing from Monterey, California to Hilo, Hawaii across the Pacific Ocean unsupported to raise $250,000 for individuals and communities facing poverty through the work of Tear Australia. Driven by the belief that everyone can do something about injustice in the world, Heather will battle 40+ foot waves, storm force winds, and tackle 3900 km of ocean.

Laura Fund

By steven Florisson

In memory of Laura Florisson, a warm, generous and caring social worker who was committed to walking alongside the most disadvantaged people in our community. Laura worked her heart out for so many young people who didn’t get a fair go in this world. Laura was passionate about TEAR and was a WA Youth Committee member.

Liz & Gordon visit projects in India

By Elizabeth Fyfe

We have decided to make 2017 a gap year, and are starting the year by joining the TEAR program to visit some of their projects in India. We will also spend time in Delhi learning about life in India. I think our time in India will be very challenging emotionally. However, it will be an amazing privilege to experience such a different way of life for 50 days.


By Mareen Kibblewhite

Yep turning 60.Time to get on my Bike, Ride to Geraldton & Raise Money for TEAR AUSTRALIA. My goal is THE VILLAGE PACKAGE - $5000. This will impact many lives. I need you to come along for the ride by donating whatever amount you can. Bunny from BB Cycles is on board so the $5000 is reachable. Anything over will go to TEARS Indigenous Programme’s in Australia. Thanks heaps.

Village Package $5000 Fundraiser

By Lynda Ward66

Village Package $5000 Fundraiser

Annandale Christian College Read-a-thon

By Annandale Christian College

The donation page for our Annandale Christian College TEAR Read-a-thon.

Bek & Friends online useful gifts shop

By Rebekah Wong

Hello friends, thank you for visiting this page. This year I decided to help raise money towards a worthy cause. I love shopping and buying gifts (mostly for myself, family & friends) and thought what if for a change, I bought these useful gifts instead? Gifts are tax deductible. Please get behind this and happy shopping!!! Lots of love, bek xoxo

Ross and Libby Hindmarsh in Cambodia

By Ross Hindmarsh

Dear Friends, We have been interested in the work of TEAR Australia for some years. We have now decided to go to Cambodia in January 2018 to see TEAR Australia field work. We aim to raise $2,000 for work in Cambodia.

Craig and Angie's Exposure to Cambodia!

By Angie Dowling

We are excited about this opportunity to discover more about the work that TEAR's partners in Cambodia does in supporting people to self sufficiency as a means of escaping extreme poverty. We will be spending two weeks observing and learning more about the issues that face the vulnerable people in Cambodia and no doubt, challenged in our faith!

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