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Village Water Source

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Our Family's Gifts

Village Water Source

Village Water Source

When a reliable source of water isn’t available, health and livelihoods are held back. A safe and sustainable source of water, and the training and resources to maintain it, can make all the difference for an entire village.

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Five years ago, preventable diseases were rampant in Mayel’s (pictured, name changed) village in the Central Highlands of Afghanistan. Many of them could be traced back to an old well that was the only source of water for her village. But today, the community is experiencing renewed health and vitality.

Tearfund’s partner IAM worked with community members to build a new, clean water source and composting latrines, and gave memorable lessons about health and hygiene. Free from recurrent illness, children and adults alike are now strong and able to enjoy community life, learning and livelihoods.

This project has received support from the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

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