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Tearfund in Australia was founded in 1971. We have a long track-record of good development that has lasting benefits.
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Tearfund is fully accredited by the Australian Government, audited by registered company auditors, and a signatory to the ACFID Code of Conduct.
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Since 1971, Tearfund has supported the grassroots development initiatives of hundreds of local partners.

Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support



The impacts of poverty can threaten people’s mental health and wellbeing, but a network of support can make a vital difference. This gift connects people with mental illness and their families with trained support workers and access to psychiatric services.

How your gift helps

When Deepa’s infant son died unexpectedly, she became depressed, isolated and struggled to take care of her other children. But when she was invited to join a mental health support group run by Tearfund’s partner Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA), the family found a lifeline, connecting them with a caring network, social workers and psychiatric services. Deepa is now a community volunteer with EHA’s project and helps run a support group in her community, raising awareness of mental health issues and sharing the hope and resilience that helped turn her situation around.

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